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Lord Research Group

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Our research focuses on the design and synthesis of transition metal compounds and assessing their potential as anti-cancer drugs. We are currently investigating a wide range of early and late transition metals incorporating variety of bidentate, tridentate and tetradentate ligands, then identifying their cellular activity through a range of in vitro techniques.

Our labs are equipped for state-of-the-art synthesis, and we have a wide range of  cell viability assays available in-house through our Schools of Chemistry and Pharmacy. Our research is interdisciplinary, ranging from organic ligand design to inorganic metal chemistry, using physicochemical methods of synthesis and analysis. We are using biochemical models and assays to study our drugs within cancerous and healthy cells, and along with computational experts we are modelling biological systems and their interactions with our compounds.

We aim to specifically investigate the mode of action of anti-cancer drugs by using a wide range of analytical techniques in order to address drug formulation problems and reduce pharmacological side-effects.