Dr Rianne M. Lord


UKRI Future Leaders Fellow and Lecturer in Inorganic Chemistry

School of Chemistry 
3.03 CAP | University of East Anglia | Norwich Research Park | Norwich NR4 7TJ

Twitter: @chemistry_lord | Email: r.lord@uea.ac.uk 

UEA website: https://people.uea.ac.uk/r_lord

2020-present – UKRI Future Leaders Fellow – Rianne was awarded an UKRI FLF to conduct research entitled “Chemical and biological investigations of new vanadium compounds: determining their potential in the treatment of cancer”.

2019-present – Lecturer in Inorganic Chemistry – Rianne is currently a Lecturer in Inorganic Chemistry at the University of East Anglia (UEA) and is teaching undergraduate courses in inorganic chemistry and metalloproteins/ metalloenzymes. Her group is researching new early transition metal anti-cancer drugs, and working in collaboration with the Schools of Biology and Pharmacy on 3D cell cultures, whole-cell EPR and cellular imaging.

2018-2019 – August-Wilhelm Scheer visiting Professorship – Rianne was a visiting professor in the research group of Prof. Fritz Kühn, where she was working on early transition metal N-heterocyclic carbene complexes and assessing their catalytical and biological applications.

2016-2019 – Lecturer in Bioinorganic Chemistry – Rianne was a lecturer at the University of Bradford, teaching undergraduate inorganic chemistry, leading laboratory courses and ran BSc, MChem and MSc projects for both chemistry and biomedical sciences.

2015-2016 – Research Associate – Rianne returned to the University of Leeds to conduct a visiting research position on ruthenium anticancer compounds.

2014-2015 – Postdoctoral Research Associate – Rianne undertook postdoctoral studies at the University of Edinburgh, working with Prof. Polly Arnold, OBE on macrocyclic uranium complexes studying their potential for small molecule activation.

2006-2010 and 2010-2014 – PhD and MChem – Rianne received both an MChem (first class Hons) and a PhD from the University of Leeds, working with Prof. Patrick McGowan on the synthesis of ruthenium arene compounds as potential anti-cancer drugs.

Teaching Responsibilities:

  • CHE-4301Y: Bonding, Structure and Periodicity
  • CHE-4602Y: Research Skills for Biochemistry
  • CHE-5301B: Inorganic Chemistry
  • CHE-6003Y: Advanced Laboratory
  • CHE-6001Y: Research Projects
  • CHE-6301Y: Inorganic Compounds – Structure and Function
  • CHE-6601Y: Protein Structure, Chemistry and Engineering
  • CHE-7001Y: Research Projects

Academic Responsibilities:

  • Deputy director of admissions at UEA
  • Reviewer for several journals and funding bodies
  • External examiner
  • RSC mentor
  • UEA RSC departmental representative
  • RSC East Anglia committee member