Chemistry Ball, June 2022 – Aran, Claire, Tam, Oliver, Rianne Harry, Charles, Ben and Imogen
Enas’ Probation Meal, July 2022 – Aran, George, Yi-Hsuan, Rianne, Enas, Tam, Tobi, Oliver and Ben

Group Christmas Meal, November 2021 – Tam, Rianne, Ben, Joe, Oliver, Aran, Imogen and Enas
Norwich Science Festival, October 2021 – Oliver, Rianne, Carla, Maria M. and Maria B. (with the group of Dr Maria J. Marín)
Postdoc Appreciation Week, September 2021 – Tam, Ben, Rianne and Oliver (group organised event, and sponsored by Pint of Science and ProteinTech)