• In February 2023, the group welcomed their first MSc project student from the School of Biology. Karina Chan. Karina joined the Lord group to work on understanding the modes of action of vanadium in 3D breast tumours and will be with us full time for 6 months.
  • Rianne presented a poster on “Exploring the antimicrobial activity of cobalt(II) picolinamide complexes” at the Microbes in Norwich day, hosted by the John Innes Centre (9th Feb).
  • Rianne delivered an online talk on “Understanding the modes of action of cytotoxic vanadium compounds” at the New Frontiers in Cancer Precision Medicine 2023, Bangkok, Thailand (9th Feb).


  • The group published two book chapters – on on heterobimetallic ferrocenyl complexes and another on early transition metal anticancer complexes. Thank you to both Tam and Ben for your help!
Left to right: Oliver King, Rianne Lord and Benjamin Hofmann at the ICCC conference in Rimini, Italy (Aug-Sept 2022)
  • In October 2022, Rianne joined the group of Prof. Angela Casini (TUM, Germany) for a 3 month visiting professorship. Here she welcomed two intern students Anna Heider and Thanh Tran who were working on multi metallic vanadium complexes for cancer.
  • In October 2022, the group welcome their 3rd PhD student Katie Littler, who will be working on a joint project with Dr Zoë Waller, UCL, on metal complexes for iMotif DNA binding. We look forward to learning some new aspects of DNA and cancer biology!
  • The group welcome their 2022-23 project students – Luke Caldwell (MChem), George Phillippo (MChem), Alexander Fung (BSc) who will work with Rianne and her team, and Aran Boakye-Smith (MChem) and Tobi Aina (BSc Biochemistry) who will work with Dr Tameryn Stringer. We wish you all the best of luck in your research projects!
  • In September 2022, Rianne (in collaboration with Dr Stefan Bidula, School of Pharmacy) was awarded a Royal Society of Chemistry Enablement Grant to work on “Determining the cellular distribution and antifungal mechanism of fluorescent cobalt-picolinamide complexes”.
  • Oliver, Ben and Rianne all attended the ICCC conference in Rimini, Italy (Aug-Sept 2022). Oliver and Ben presented posters and Rianne gave a talk. We all had a great week with lots of science, pizza and wine!
  • Rianne gave invited talks at the University of York (Jan 2022) and the University of Edinburgh (May 2022). Thank you to both institutes for the invite and great hospitality!


  • The group welcomes their second PhD student, Enas Aljohani. Enas joins us from Saudi Arabia and is funded by a Saudi Arabian Cultural Bureau scholarship. She will be working on new iron-based bimetallic compounds for the treatment of cancer. Good luck for the next 4 years!
Left to right: Oliver King, Rianne Lord, Carla Arnau Del Valle, Maria Marín and Maria Gomes De Pinho Baptista
  • In collaboration with the group of Dr Maria Marín, the group host their first activity stand at the Norwich Science Festival. It was a fantastic event, and the children loved our range of hands on activities. We can’t wait to be part of the next festival!
  • The group are happy to welcome their 2021-22 BSc and MChem project students – Imogen Turner, Joseph Alli, Harry Chapman, Aran Boakye-Smith (all BSc students) and Charles Steele (MChem, with Dr Tameryn Stringer). We wish you all the best of luck in your research projects!
PAW 2021
  • Postdoc Appreciation Week (PAW) The group organised their first UEA event and welcomed researchers from across the Norwich Research Park to a symposium which celebrated the work of postdoc researchers. Thank you for Pint of Science and ProteinTech for funding the event (and pizza!).
  • The group welcomes their first postdoctoral research associate, Dr Benjamin Hofmann. Ben joins us from the group of Prof. Dr. Fritz Kühn (TUM, Germany), and will be working on Rianne’s UKRI FLF grant, designing new redox active pro-drugs for the treatment of cancer. We hope you have fun here in the UK!
  • Rianne participated in the “Inspiring Norfolk Scientists” video
  • Rianne participated in the Pint of Science 2021, and gave a talk on “Metal-based drugs – are they the future for breast cancer treatment?” as part of the “Let’s talk breast health”.
YouTube stream for Pint of Science, May 2021
  • The chemistry team at UEA hold live demonstrations and Q&A on “Explore Studying Chemistry at UEA”
Explore Studying Chemistry at UEA


  • Rianne gave an RSC talk on “Got you first permanent academic post – what next?” as part of the Joliot-Curie conference
RSC talk on “Got you first permanent academic post – what next?”
  • The group welcomes their first PhD student, Oliver King, who will be working on new vanadium complexes for the treatment of cancer – we hope you have a fantastic 3 years!
  • The group welcome MChem student Katie Littler who will be working on vanadium anticancer complexes, and BSc student Sophia Lacsina who will be working on ferrocene-based anticancer complexes – the best of luck in your projects!


Workshop of Stereotyping, Bradford 2019
  • Rianne was nominated for a “Mentor of the Year” award from the Northern Power Women (and was long listed in December).
  • Rianne left the University of Bradford and began her new position as a Lecturer of Inorganic Chemistry at the University of East Anglia.
VC Delegation, Pakistan, February 2019
  • Rianne gave a talk on “Multiple pathways to success” to young researchers at the Joliot-Curie Conference (Nottingham), and participated in a discussion panel and grant writing workshop.
  • The group helped the Student Union to deliver a workshop on stereotyping in sports and careers.
  • Alongside the VC and we traveled to Pakistan on “Destination Bradford” delegation. This was to help promote education in both Pakistan and Bradford, whilst meeting with alumni and partners from across the Higher Education sector.


20180312_111700 (2).jpg
STEM for Britain 2018
  • Alongside her fellow colleagues from the University of Bradford, Rianne graduated with her Post-Graduate Certificate in Higher Education (distinction) and became a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy.
  • Rianne was awarded a place to attended the STEM for Britain 2018 and presented her research at the Houses of Parliament, London.